Writing With POWER!

Declaring and Implementing Authoritative Speaking While Journaling

“SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!” A powerful command, that no matter what tone or temperament it is spoken can be comprehended, translated and quickly implemented. A command that welcomes action, “say it like you mean it” is a type of authoritative speaking that is utilized in a variety of ways in our lives. Sometimes abrasive and sometimes gestured with kindness in some degree, one can attest that the phrase “say it like you mean it” reinforces a familiar power in a person that simply lied dormant or was waiting to be awakened but has always been there.

“Speaking it” will awaken the dormant power! “Writing it” with an authoritative voice and tone will make your journaling a powerful tool to be used in your daily life, specifically when you are trying to bring clarity now and for the future. At the “Putting on the Whole Armor” conference, speakers used declarative phrases like “I know” and “Now is the time” along with language of accountability such as “I am” and “I will”. Attendees were then given time to write using declarative phrases as they wrote in their TRANSFORMATION: Write + Share + Live journal and guidebook to summarize their reflection on each speaker’s message. During their writing time, each journal entry became the foundation of their declared actions to apply the tools and techniques learned. When looking to command any area within yourself and in your life, you must be true about the authority in which you speak and write.


Are you authoritative in your commands? Does your writing compel and provoke you to think, speak and do greater things? If so, you’re off to a great start in transforming your life! Remember to use phrases like “I will” and “I am” when speaking about your ideas, dreams, goals and overall outlook in your transformation. “Write it” as you “See It” and “Speak It” as you “Intend It” to be! The “It” is what you know at the time you are journaling. The prompting words (See, Speak and Intend) that appear before “it”, are the actions of what you are to do to right then to move yourself forward.

If you find yourself ready to get started but uncertain as to how to start or need help moving forward, Coach Maxine Phillips can guide you along your journey. She is ready to assist you to create and implement a game plan for your life through authoritative journaling and coaching. Contact Coach Maxine at maxine@gammsunlimited.com