Thankful for ‘ME’ Time

Imagine, during this bustling time of year, allowing yourself to have a moment just to yourself! Maxine Phillips moments to escape, she calls “ME” time! Before you carve the turkey, how do you carve out this time with the busy schedule you keep, especially with Thanksgiving upon us? Read on!

Allowing “ME” time has been transformational for Maxine, and for many others. “I can journal what I hear as I sit quietly and listen to my inner thoughts. I can reflect on what I am truly thankful for.”

Enjoy the holidays! We allow our busy schedules to consume our time, but the universe is asking us to give some time back to ourselves so we can discover who we are, and appreciate all that we should be thankful for. Take time to reflect on the blessings that you have right now, and it will make the season that much brighter and enjoyable. Write down at least five (5) things you are thankful for. They could be small or big, of the heart, the mind or an object that makes your life easier.

4 Things Being Thankful Can Do for You

  1. Help You Focus on the Positive

Do you spend a lot of time during the holidays just doing one task after another? Without taking time to sit back and think about what truly matters? I believe we are all guilty of this, at one time or another. If you just take five minutes out of each day to reflect on what you are thankful for, you’d be surprised at how much that amounts to a list much longer than five items.

  1. Put a Smile on Your Face – And Those around You

“ME” time to reflect on what you are thankful for, will make you more positive. It will turn your attention to what is ‘right’ in your life, and pull your focus from that which may not be quite right. This also has a direct reflection on your attitude and puts a smile on your face. As everyone knows, smiles are contagious. So, take a moment to give thanks and see how the cheer automatically spreads.

  1. Claim Your Inner Peace

Don’t forget to be thankful for YOU! Thank yourself for the things you have done to pay it forward, overcoming adversity, and rearing your children, or by making ends meet when you did not know how. Thank yourself when you pushed forward to complete school although it took you longer, you finished by taking one class at a time! Allow yourself to find your inner peace, what makes you feel fulfilled, understand your purpose so you can do you best work and live your best life!

A recent study was done with three groups writing daily for two weeks; one group writing about what they are grateful for, one group writing about what angered them, and the third group writing about random things such as the weather. The first group came out of the study healthier, happier, and with a positive focus on the future.   The second group had a negative attitude, and many reported being sad after the study. The third group had almost no change. Being grateful works!

  1. Being Grateful Helps You See More Blessings

When was the last time you walked outside and noticed the small things such as a beautiful day, blue sky, or bright flowers? Many of us get so busy that we often do not notice these daily gifts. However, if you take time to give thanks and be grateful for the good, you’d be surprised at how much more you will notice more good. Also, it will take your focus away from things such as rainy days, gray skies, or a patch of dirt. It will help you pull the positive out of those days. When you are grateful, you invite happiness into your life. When you invite happiness into your life, your mindset sees more positive, and more good happens.

Maxine has her personal list of things she is thankful for, and that list begins with her faith. Prayer helps her to listen to what the universe is telling her, giving clarity to what else there is to be thankful for. The list of gratitude is a personal list, and each one of us should take a few moments to reflect on what we are grateful for, especially this time of year. Taking the time to create your list could also help you be more mindful and thankful all year long, which is excellent for your spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical health. So make sure you take some “Me” time to reflect and give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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