September, The Month of Journaling!

Every year people profess their New Year’s resolutions and commit to beginning a new idea, renewing a tradition they stopped doing, and rejuvenating goals they have yet to accomplish. Despite one’s ability to keep to these goals, the first effort is one of the most important, and that’s writing down your thoughts and ideas! Maxine Phillips began journaling at the age of 11, and she encourages each of you to take the time to journal. You are invited you record your goals by either writing the actions you will take to meet your intentions as well as determine how you will incorporate them into your everyday life, so you obtain the results you expect. She also realizes that not everyone will write their goals, so she provides options such as use your telephone to record your voice, draw a picture, create a vision board or use mind mapping to capture your dreams, visions, goals, moments of joy or concerns. 

Resolve the many day-to-day struggles of breaking old habits by starting the behavior of journaling your feelings about these actions. Sometimes, to successfully enact those new resolutions, you have to be able to identify what needs to be changed about your current behaviors or processes. No one knows your lifestyle better than you, and when you can assess yourself through reading over your personal thoughts and feelings, you can channel your challenges in a way that can strengthen you. There is nothing wrong with admitting our not-so-savory habits. However, disclosing such practices to the privacy of a journal allows us to release and revise our strategies of conquering those aspects that we seek to change or to know more about.

You can start your day with journaling, you can write or capture your thoughts when you feel the need to express yourself, when it is convenient for you, or just before bed. Maxine keeps a journal beside her bed. One night she was given a vision of how to create a journal. When she woke up, she wrote the information that was given to her in her dream. She created the TRANSFORMATION: Write + Share + Live journal and guidebook as the place to release your thoughts or about the habits you are looking to change or to capture the moments that take your breath away. This is your time– write about your life experiences, allow yourself to go through your transformation, and share what happens so you can live your life and others can learn through your wisdom!