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A Levelless Person is a someone who is continuously achieving success on their own terms. Their success never ends. They breaks barriers and overcomes limitations and other difficulties along their career and life’s journey while still achieving, succeeding, and accomplishing their goals. They have helped others or continue to help others to achieve, succeed, and accomplish their goals. They are well respected and are a servant leader.

The Levelless Person is


• Levelless has the right to clarify information from nominee in order to consider the submitted names/nominees.



• False, deceptive, or unsubstantiated nominations or acts may render a nominee ineligible.



• Submitting duplicate identical nominations are not accepted and will not be reviewed and does not increase chances of the nominee being selected.



• Levelless Person of the Month will be announced on our social media platforms and our website.


• Nominations can be submitted by anyone 18 years and older including the nominee herself.



• Nominations must be submitted via the designated online form.



• The winner will be notified by email or telephone call.



• Levelless has the right to verify the information for factual basis of the submitted nominations and will not request substantiating information from nominees or others. Information provided at the time of evaluation is the only information accepted and verified.


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