“No Grit, No Jewel” – Identify the Jewel Within You

According to a Chinese Proverb, “pearls don’t live on the seashore, if you want one, you must dive for it.” (Jelly Wong) Ms. Shenita Thompson-Wilson, founder and owner of the Priceless Pearls Mentoring Program (PPMP), had a vision from God that the jewel within you should expect more, but you must dive deep within yourself to understand your WORTH and identify your jewel. Shenita opened the luncheon with a dance interpretation to that signified her life struggles.

Headquartered in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Shenita’s healing came through her transformation as she looked deep within herself and understood the importance of giving back so others could transform. She began researching who could benefit from her life experiences, and that’s when God revealed to her to help young ladies starting at the age of 14 and beyond. An extension of Priceless Pearls Mentoring Program is the Jewels Within. The Jewels Within is a four part series devoted to one-on-one mentoring, wisdom workshops, pride luncheons to expose the mentees to a new way of thinking about their life experiences and to shape who they are becoming as well as refine and enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

“No Grit” “No Jewel” are the life experiences you must go through in order for you to become the masterpiece that you are destined to become and to do what only YOU were designed to do! What is the jewel that is within you?

Maxine Pearl Phillips, author of Transformation Write + Share + Live (journal and guidebook), served as the Mistress of Ceremony for the inaugural luncheon, “The Jewel Within.” The luncheon was held on July 9, 2017, at the Blacklick Country Club, Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Maxine shared how journaling her own life’s path not only saved her life but has brought her to where she is today.  She outlined what journaling is, how and when to journal, and the benefits of journaling. Maxine’s journaling tips and techniques were woven into the message as she introduced four phenomenal jewels ranging from ages 19 to 62.

Maxine engaged the young pearls and the other women present in diving deep within their core to discover their innate gifts, hidden treasures and jewels. She challenged them to search for untapped “grit”– those experiences that may not be or feel safe, but can still work for your good–because after all, it is the sand serving as grit that provides grind for which a pearl is formed.

The Four Jewels explained life struggles and how they overcame adversity to become the jewel that they identified themselves (Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, and Pearl). Each jewel gave explicit details and encounters and shared how journaling provided healing, restoring, renewing and ultimately reshaping their thoughts.

As the jewels reflected on some of their life experiences, they all shared a common strength – God. God was the primary source of their power that helped them through lonely times and life struggles.  The jewel pushed themselves through the pain and suffering. Many in the audience resonated with their stories and the room erupted with rounds of applause and flowing tears.  

Shenita explained the next step in the program was to accept members and mentors.  Individuals came forth and volunteered to become a mentor for the program after Shenita blessed them with a dance that signified she has been transformed, renewed and refreshed.

Priceless Pearls Mentoring Program is currently accepting members and mentors. Contact Shenita Thompson Wilson at 614-579-7754 or email pricelesspearlsmp@gmail.com.

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Continue your TRANSFORMATION as you Write, Share, and Live!