Join GAMMS Unlimited at Triangle Kickoff to College!

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August 20, 2016

Map out your college and career game plan!


Durham, NC—APlus Test Prep is pleased to sponsor the annual Triangle Kickoff to College 2016 on August 20. Parents and students can attend and learn what it takes to get into college, about different careers, and how to get involved in the community via service opportunities! Attendees will be able to participate in a Q&A during a panel discussion led by college admissions professionals, counselors, university admissions staff, and financial aid advisors. Colleges and universities will be represented at a college fair and available to speak with students about opportunities at their institutions. Students will be able to get advice about legal issues affecting teens/college applicants. Student athletes will have access to recruitment professionals who can answer questions about eligibility for scholarships. A host of community organizations will be available to discuss volunteer and service opportunities that can help students explore different career paths and build resumes that demonstrate their gifts outside the classroom.

This year we’ve moved to an even bigger venue: Durham County Human Services Complex (414 E. Main Street, Durham). There’s plenty of parking, and the event itself is absolutely FREE. To reserve a seat, register at

APlus Test Prep combines old-fashioned instruction by credentialed, professional teachers with smart technology in a custom class setting. The result: our top three Class of 2016 graduates alone collectively earned over $1 million in scholarships! For the most recent school year, SAT clients raised their scores by an average of 147 points and by as much as 220 points, while ACT test-takers improved 4-7 points. Improving these key test scores is a clear immediate benefit for A+ Test Prep clients. But the company’s focus on building the academic skills that students can use throughout high school, college and beyond also is designed to deliver long-term impact.

“We see — and like — higher SAT and ACT scores, but we are not teaching to the test. We have developed a data-driven system to build strengths and long-term competitive advantages for the students enrolled in our classes,” said A+ Test Prep President Sheba Lowe Brown. “We focus not only on helping students get into college, but also on helping them earn college scholarships.”

A+ Test Prep instructors are dynamic, professionally-trained educators who hold academic credentials in English, Math and Science and offer more than a century of combined teaching experience. APlus Test Prep offers a comprehensive suite of test preparation services including the SAT, ACT, PSAT, PLAN, ISEE, GMAT, GRE, & more. In addition to test preparation, students may select academic enrichment programming including courses that help students improve their critical reading skills, vocabulary acquisition, note-taking skills, time management, financial literacy and more. APlus Test Prep partners with programs and organizations across North Carolina to provide camps, classes, and other activities that help students develop academically and socially. In addition, APlus Test Prep also offers professional development for educators including the Praxis Exam Preparation for teachers; development & implementation of school-based test prep programs; curriculum development and assessment and classroom technology.

APlus Test Prep helps students turn their scores into $cholarships!

If you would like more information about the Triangle Kickoff to College 2016, please contact Sheba Lowe Brown at 919-824-3912 or email at