Intentions to Actions: Materializing your thoughts!

Have you ever been so surprised when you speak and the very thing that you spoke actually happens? Or how about when you thought something and then it occurs soon thereafter? Much of the time we have written these instances off as “coincidences” but there is nothing coincidental about the order of intentions to actions. At GAMMS Unlimited, we see the power in focusing our intentions into meaningful and bountiful actions and we aim to share that with others.

Intentions have been misconstrued into everything instead of recognizing it for what it is: a thought. Our thoughts play a big part into how we go about fulfilling a need or want; it is our thoughts in which determine our decisions and thus, our actions. If you were ever in a state to where you began looking to break a habit or wanted to start a more positive and healthy routine, it may be of interest to explore your thought process. Sometimes we have to step outside of ourselves to take a peek inside of our minds and see our ways from start to finish. Do your thoughts lead you to make impulsive decisions or are you cautious and critical? On the path to fulfilling a thought, do you often talk yourself out of it and prevent your thoughts from often materialize? Are there times where you fear your thoughts coming true? These questions can help you get to the root of any issues you are facing with self-actualization.


Self-actualization is the full realization of one’s self, the true self. Sometimes we get down and discouraged when what we intended doesn’t come out the way we expected. Along the way we become fearful of what could possibly be because of what didn’t happen before or the way it happened. This type of self-sabotage takes away from fulfilling our true intentions and keeps us in a pattern of thought to action that never materializes. You have the power to overcome this by meaning what you think.

Do you take your thoughts seriously? If so, write them down. The TRANSFORMATION: Write + Share + Live journal and guidebook is a perfect outlet for you to write about those intentions and begin the path to fruition. Start from the mindset that what you feel is with good intent and then write what you plan to do next. Write in ink or pencil but allow yourself to make a change if needed. In life, things change but that doesn’t have to ruin or stop our good intentions. Remember, the path to materializing your needs and desires is not free from obstacles, but it is better to know what you will do when challenges arise while on the journey of staying true to what you want and need for yourself. Let’s get started! Write!