GAMMS Unlimited: “Learning your strengths, one assessment at a time.”

Each of us has experienced the anxiety of being tested. Our skills and capacity to retain knowledge are always in question and using tools of evaluation such as tests and quizzes have long been part of the way in which humans determine one’s performance. An assessment is a different means of evaluation as the assessment is designed to highlight one’s abilities, pre-performance.

GAMMS Unlimited is a proponent of the Highlands Ability Battery, which requires you to complete a set of objective, hands-on work samples specifically (HAB) to measure your aptitudes for abilities such as working with figures and symbols, color perception, and analytical reasoning. Our assessments address the core of how a person thinks and gives insight on a person’s direction when it comes to their career goals.

The Highlands Ability Battery is a great assessment to use for those who are in various stages of their career choices. GAMMS Unlimited offers assessments in four sectors:

  • Students
  • Adults
  • Leadership
  • Lawyers

The Student Assessment  is a perfect place for young people to begin evaluating their college and career options. Students who take the HAB are either in high school preparing for college or the workforce or in college preparing for a career or continuing education. Combining this assessment with coaching from Maxine Phillips will give students the counsel they need in pursuit of their goals.

The Adult Assessment is used for those who are looking to improve within their careers or would like to make a career change altogether. The Adult Assessment assists in helping you to evaluate your current processes to determine whether you need continuing education in your current field or if you would be better suited for a career that you never considered! It also helps you to understand the best environment to use your natural abilities.

The Leadership Assessment is a great way to assess your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your learning and working environments. Are you able to clearly communicate your ideas and requests? How do you get along with your coworkers and peers? The Leadership Assessment puts the prospect of leadership roles in front of you so that you gain more opportunities to manage people and greater responsibilities. It also helps you to understand how your natural abilities influence how you lead and manage a team.

The Lawyers Assessment is both for prospective lawyers, current lawyers and the firms that employ those of this sector. Whether it be to determine if pursuing a JD will be right for you or if you would be more effective in a firm relating to staffing, building clientele, expanding a practice specialty, or in litigation the Lawyers Assessment brings clarity in a field demanding its practitioners to be able to interpret a range of perspectives.

Every assessment creates an opportunity for coaching with Phillips. With more than 30 years of Human Resource Management and Professional Development experience, Maxine’s expertise in applying the HAB to clients across various sectors has allowed her to assist many companies and individuals in identifying their abilities. This has lead to improvements for both the individual/companies respective fields. To request an assessment, simply contact GAMMS Unlimited and let Maxine guide you through the process of uncovering and exploring your abilities while mapping out how to apply your newfound discoveries.