GAMMS Unlimited and Big S.T.E.P.S. U.P. collaborating at First Triangle Kickoff to College

Maxine Phillips, Founder of GAMMS Unlimited Career Coaching and Linwood Webster Founder of BIG S.T.E.P. S. U.P. discuss ways to collaborate to assist the youth during the First Triangle Kickoff to College event sponsored by A Plus Test Prep on Saturday, August 20, 2016.

GAMMS Unlimited is focused on helping individuals identify their innate abilities to better understand who they are; articulate and communicate to connect, create a road map to use their strengths when making educational, life and career goals  and capitalize on opportunities. Big S.T.E.P.S. U.P. focuses  on big steps toward educational prosperity and success under pressure.   Both founders are passionate  about helping students, beginning with middle school through college, and are motivational speakers who have experienced  life’s adversity. And yet they were able to overcome.   They want the same for others; they want to prevent  high school dropout, offer alternative career assistance, be available for educational and life skills consulting and coaching and have proven solutions. Both founders are sincere about their clients being ready to pursue any opportunity presented, created or desired.

Mr. Webster’s mission is to make certain Black Males are College, Career and Life ready enabling them to pursue any opportunity presented or desired.
Ms.Phillips mission is to transform how people work, live and build their career one generation at a time, one person at a time and one student at a time.   Ms. Phillips employs the 3-D process to help individuals to communicate and to connect:  Discover who you are, Define your blueprint for life, and Develop your strengths and opportunities.
 From this partnership, will come courageous, decisive and purposed individuals ready to take big impactful steps in excellence!