Finding Your Voice at Ogden Speaking Academy!

I am at Ogden Speaking Academy with Marques Ogden, a former NFL player and author of Sleepless Nights. I first connected with Marques on LinkedIn two years ago.

Marques and I continued an on-going dialog rich in shared experiences both personal and professional. These conversations led to GAMMS Unlimited being one of the sponsors of Marques’ first book Sleepless Nights. When Marques decided to hold the first speaking academy, I was immediately on board as an attendee.

Marques talked openly about his athletic journey in sports last year and his experiences both in and out of sports resonated with me and validated my belief that our youth must have a plan B to augment a life after they are no longer playing sports.

For both student-athletes and professional athletes sports involvement at an intense level eventually ends and not always voluntarily. Several obstacles can change an athlete’s path unexpectedly, including loss of interest, injury, trades, and for student-athletes academic ineligibility.

Research shows that many of our youth aspire to be one of the chosen to receive a scholarship to play sports at their college of choice and then be drafted into one of the major sports leagues. Statistics shows us that less than 2% will be drafted into a major league. What happens to the other 98%?

As a way to assist our youth to be prepared for a career when they are no longer playing sports, GAMMS Unlimited unveiled our Elite-UTM Prep Academy at Ogden Speaking Academy!

Elite-UTM Prep Academy’s mission is to ignite skill sets that build success in academics and athletics one student-athlete at a time.

Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams! We Haven’t Given Up On You!

Stop! Take a look at the Elite-UTM Prep Academy!

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