Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I take the assessment?

Your natural abilities will be charted and explained in customized reports designed to relate your pattern of abilities to align with performance, work and school environment, and career fit. Your Highlands Certified Consultant will debrief the report with you in a 90-minute meeting to interpret the results and help you identify where and how those abilities can best be leveraged in your career journey.

What sets the Highlands Ability Assessment apart from other standardize assessments?

The 90 mins. debrief with a certified Highlands Consultant is what sets the Highlands Ability Battery apart. Here is what clients are saying about the deeper level of understanding and impact of reviewing their results with a trained consultant.

What else does LEVELLESS consider when providing coaching?

Our holistic approach to career transformation takes into account other critical factors such as your interests, values, family, and goals.

Does it matter if you know what your natural abilities are? Can’t everyone learn skills and improve their job performance, regardless?

There’s no question that we can all improve in different areas and acquire skills. But it takes a tremendous amount of effort to do something well for which you are not naturally suited. You will achieve fewer results and far less satisfaction doing work that doesn’t align with your everyday natural abilities, talents, and gifts. For individuals, this means longer, more frustrating hours with fewer rewards; or falling short of attaining maximum productivity, better grades, or employment selection.

Did you know that you were born with certain everyday natural abilities and strengths?

Skills can be acquired, but you will experience greater fulfillment and balance in your life when you’ve identified your natural abilities and learned how to put them to use—both in your professional life and in your personal life. Learn more about your Personal Style, Driving Abilities, Specialized Abilities, and why understanding how you’re wired can make all the difference. Select the student assessment to begin learning about your everyday natural abilities and strengths.

What’s the Highlands Ability Assessment?

Unlike any career assessment you’ve ever experienced, the Highlands Ability Battery/Asssessment (HAB) is uniquely capable of uncovering your everyday natural abilities. A comprehensive series of interactive, virtual worksamples gives you an objective, in-depth report of what you’re naturally good at. Not what you want to do or what you think you should do, but what comes naturally to you.

The HAB is uniquely capable of uncovering your everyday natural abilities and provide practical insights for improving grades and performance.

What is the purpose of the Highlands Method?

The purpose of the Highlands Method is to facilitate awareness of natural talents, the most powerful piece of self-knowledge available for creating one’s personal vision to success and satisfaction in work and life.

Why should my high school student take the Highlands Ability Assessment?

Students constantly feel the pressure of performing well in school, in sports, etc. Often times they don’t even know what they like to do because they are so busy doing what they are supposed to do. The assessment will empower the student to identify their everyday abilities and strengths so they can select course electives while high school that leads to employment, college degree selection, school or work environments that are best for them. 

What age can a student take the assessment?

Beginning at age 14 and beyond. 

Why should I student take the Highlands Ability Assessment before college if I didn’t take it in high school?

Many may discover years into their college commitment that it is not what they expected. Some may even find that the path that they have chosen makes them absolutely miserable.

Before wasting thousands of dollars on a degree program, invest in finding out what you’re naturally good at—that thing inside you that sparks of brilliance. Take the time to consider your unique strengths and what matters most. If you do, the rewards will last a lifetime.

How long does it take to complete the assessment?

This is a 3-hour long assessment.

Administered online, the HAB is an aptitude assessment that objectively measures one’s everyday natural abilities through performance based-timed work samples.  You can start and stop after each section. The results are immediate. Your certified Highlands Consultant will interpret the results and schedule your 90-minute debrief session.