“Elevating the Networking Experience” was a Success!

Kingdom Legacy Partnerships’ “Elevating the Networking Experience” was an outstanding event. Maxine spoke with the audience about making every connection count with an emphasis on becoming an effective connector.

The audience of entrepreneurs engaged in activities where they truly were able to connect with each other. They learned how to determine what events to attend, who to connect with, physical gestures to use and not use when networking. She highlighted the importance of connecting with yourself before connecting with anyone. Then when connecting with people be sure to ask “How can I help you?”. She wanted us to think about how we can bring value to those we connect with.

Maxine Phillips, says journaling is a key to personal growth, fulfillment, and success in life. To support their continued growth, each participant was also treated with their own Transformation Journal & Guidebook to encourage and equip them to incorporate journaling into their life’s journey.