Count Your Blessings

Looking back at and putting gratitude at the forefront in the new season!

Now that the New Year has made its appearance and you are looking forward to the goals you set for yourself, it’s always important to reflect on what has passed. Have you taken a moment to count your blessings? 2016 was a very impactful year as there has been much to occur in the world, but what about your world? What were the things that made you stronger? What were the things that made you take a look at yourself and decide to make a change? Recapping the events of the past year can help you realize where you place emphasis in your life and present an opportunity to show gratitude.

Take a moment to write down everything that occurred in 2016 that you are thankful for; from there, looking at this list can invoke positive feelings and lend the encouragement to move forward with your goals for 2017. With gratitude comes intelligence and with the thought of giving thanks for what you were able to accomplish will lend you the right ideas and processes to see yourself through your endeavors.

Journaling empowers people to put themselves in a place where they are able to look within themselves and their thoughts without being judged. It’s important to know that whatever you give thanks for, that it is significant and that alone can propel you to embrace every portion of yourself. GAMMS Unlimited encourages everyone to stop and count your blessings! We believe that it is the action of giving thanks that also open doors of opportunities!

Welcome Spring with gratitude! Join us in journaling and begin a gratitude journal! TRANSFORMATION WRITE + SHARE + LIVE is a journal and guidebook newly published by GAMMS Unlimited.