In case you missed it! Putting on the Whole Armor Conference Recap

Using spiritual principles to grow and transform your professional development and professional effectiveness.


Purpose-driven transformation is revitalizing and it improves and addresses the challenges of our lives. It has the power to redirect our past and direct and develop us into who we will become. On a cool but welcoming Saturday morning, attendees gathered together at Celebration Church to become part of what was just the beginning of a purpose-driven transformation. GAMMS Unlimited aim was to bring professional holistic coaching and development to the Raleigh, NC area.

President and Owner Maxine Phillips has an amazing background of professional education consulting, human resources, performance management and just a natural love for sharing. The purpose of the conference was to create an environment where the attendees could come and receive wisdom from several of the world international speakers and use the tools they gained in their personal and professional lives to move them to their next level. Men and women of varied ages and backgrounds actively gained insight into maintaining spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual wellness.

After a lively time of praise and worship by Melissa Scott and Paul Tillman, Phillips surprised the attendees with a special guest, the world-renown former NFL offensive lineman Marques Ogden. Ogden shared encouraging words and his five business tips for seeing the possibilities in their own lives. He also shared how he used journaling to record his game plays and the impact journaling has had in his life.

After Marques Ogden’s encouraging words, Maxine Phillips introduced journaling and how anyone can use this tool anywhere, for any reason and at any time. She presented each attendee with a copy of her journal TRANSFORMATION: Write + Share + Live journal and guidebook in which they used to write their thoughts during and after each presenter. Attendees wrote words of endearment on squares of cloth that served as the debrief of their learning and which will be sewn together and displayed as a memoir to the first conference by GAMMS Unlimited. Then, Pastor Sherrie Williams emphasized to the attendees to remember how specifically and wonderfully made each of us are and it is our responsibility to preserve our character in times of spiritual warfare. After an awe-inspiring delivery by Pastor Williams, Dr. Sakeena Gordon-Jones reminded us of who we are through the use of a video clip from the Disney film The Lion King that helped us to see ourselves when we look deep within. Her presentation invoked a number of emotions. Dr. Gordon-Jones’s work with top financial advisors and CEOs allowed her to share the impact of how our emotions influence our decision-making and our ability to lead effectively.

The conference included lunch and an array of refreshments throughout the morning and afternoon. After a healthy lunch, the attendees receive a powerful message from Dr. Lawrence Dodd, whose football injury led him onto a journey in which he is now teaching and implementing physical and holistic wellness through proper nutrition and spinal health. His 6 Essentials to Wellness also included the need to ensure we have a spiritual mental alignment. Closing out the speakers was Tracey Gritz who delivered her engaging A.L.I.G.N. Productivity Method TM. Her method focuses on shifting the mindset from looking at productivity as a way to get things done to using productivity as a tool to deliberately taking action toward your dreams and goals and find a balance in your work/life.

Last, the debrief consisted of Maxine revealing the quilt where the participants had written words on fabric squares to describe their learning from each presenter. Her debrief included the four areas for this holistic conference: spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual. Before thanking everyone, Maxine presented each participant with a certificate of participation.

The setting with its bright colors and multi-lighting set the stage for an intimate conference that allowed participants to network and to get close and personal with themselves and those who presented! Great job to all of those who came to speak and thank you graciously and kindly to both the presenters and participants as well as all who helped to make this first conference a success! For more information on upcoming conferences, please like us on Facebook and join the conversation!