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When a student completes the Highlands Ability Battery, she receives a special student report. The report is different from the adult report in several respects. It is specially designed to address the student’s need to make important choices among options in study and career. The report relates the student’s ability to perform a particular work sample to her score on the work sample.

The student’s score on a particular work sample shows the ease with which she can perform the task measured by the work sample. Because the work sample is timed, the student’s score will show whether the work sample was more or less easy to perform. A student who finds a particular task easy to do will be happiest and most productive in work requiring that task. A student who finds a particular task relatively difficult is able to perform the task, given enough time, but will probably be more comfortable and satisfied in some other task which comes more easily to her.

Sample Ability Profile

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When a student knows and understands her true abilities, she is more likely to pursue studies and a career which will produce the greatest measure of satisfaction and stability throughout her life.

The Highlands Company has transformed thousands of careers since 1992. Many of our clients are students and recent graduates looking to find the right career path. In this video, we talk about the Highlands Carer Exploration Report for Students, which you can get after completing the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB). The report will show you exactly what kind of jobs you should consider and why.

The HAB is not a values or interest inventory. Our unique career assessment measures your natural abilities. You don’t have to study for it. You only have to show up and complete 19 timed exercises that are designed to reveal what you do well without much effort, because it’s these abilities that you are hardwired to do well. To take the assessment contact Maxine Phillips919.349.1726 or

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You have seen the video and the benefits that the Highlands Ability Battery can provide to YOU! Now take a  FREE sample test and better understand your natural abilities and make maximum use of them in your life and work! It takes less than 15 minutes for you to help know yourself!

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