Black History Month and the Importance of Record Keeping

The month of February always proves to be a time that prompts many thoughts, emotions and actions among individuals, especially African-Americans in the United States. During this time of remembrance, many recall the trials and triumphs during historical moments in the country and around the world. It is also a time in which people recognize what is happening currently and marking these events for the future to remember.

African-Americans have kept a record of what’s happening in history both orally and written to be passed on to the coming generations. Now, in such a digitally electronic age, record keeping is being dealt with in a way that is more immediate and less intimate. Historical moments come and go as breaking news; photos are taken and shared with millions then forgotten and memorable prose is shared in 140 characters just to be scrolled past and flipped through on a timeline. In the African-American community, much is happening pertaining to seeking justice, reforming education and political systems as well as embracing positive images are all happening in these digital record-keeping forums but is anyone writing it down? The Internet seems like forever and Wi-Fi appears to be the necessity that never runs out, but nothing is as tangible as a journal. 


GAMMS Unlimited recognizes the importance of Black History Month and how preserving history and its culture through journaling can be one of the essential record-keeping methods in this highly digital period where technological gadgets have oftentimes replaced pen and paper. Using the TRANSFORMATION: Write + Share + Live journal and guidebook can be the beginning of you capturing the stories of today so that the world of tomorrow will always know there was a history of a people beyond the records of the Internet.