Armoring the Triangle: Meet the speakers for the “Putting On The Whole Armor” Conference!

Transformation is taking place on April 9th at Celebration Church in Raleigh, NC as GAMMS Unlimited welcomes the Triangle area to Put on the Whole Armor Conference! Leading the event is president and owner Maxine Phillips accompanied with four amazing speakers whose focus on intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness makes this one of the most beneficial conferences happening in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill this spring!

Dynamic and trailblazers of their fields from every facet, each speaker has honed their expertise to where their counsel is sought nationally and globally. Take a look at who will be serving the people with their amazing knowledge and experiences!

MaxineMASTER OF CEREMONY – Maxine Phillips started GAMMS Unlimited in 2010 after leading Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications as the Learning and Development Manager for the Americas and Performance Management Expert. GAMMS Unlimited aims to empower people of all ages, especially the youth, to identify their natural abilities for a competitive advantage when making life, educational or career choices. Maxine recently released “TRANSFORMATION: Write + Share + Live” a journal and guidebook that encourages people to write about their life transformations as they journey through stages of their lives.

TraceyINTELLECTUAL – Tracey Gritz is president of The Efficient Office and founder of the A.L.I.G.N. Productivity Method™. Tracey is a productivity expert and keynote speaker that is passionate about helping professionals understand that today’s productivity does not work and is an advocate of innovative practices that optimize one’s ability to work less and achieve more.

YellowEMOTIONAL – Dr. Sackeena Gordon-Jones has been coaching professionally since 2003 in transformational leadership development, executive effectiveness, and strategic thinking and planning. As the Chief Coaching Officer of Transformation Edge, she specializes in helping organizations and leaders transform the way they think, lead and live having coached hundreds of leaders, high potentials and professional women in the private sector and federal government.

SherrieSPIRITUAL – Sherrie Williams is an ordained minister of 23+ years as she has touched hearts and minds abroad with her ministry. At the age of 18 she joined the US Army and was stationed in West Germany. While in Germany, Sherrie and her husband Dale pastored The “Assembly of God” church in Anbach Germany, and the “Abundant Life” Church of God In Christ” in Bamberg Germany. Presently, she is a Teaching Pastor at Doral Vineyard Church in Miami, FL.  

ldoodPHYSICAL Dr. Lawrence Dodd has made a true statement for his career, having taken care of the North Carolina State and Campbell University Athletic Departments, Team Savannah Olympic Weightlifting, Sprint Capitol Olympic Track & Field Team, including Olympic Gold Medalist Shaw Crawford and four members of the NFL during the 2014 Super Bowl among a host of professional athletes. Dr. Dodd is dedicated to improving your health and performance by alleviating joint dysfunction and nerve stress caused by spinal misalignment (subluxations). He is an advocate of holistic health.

Register now as we’re only three weeks away from the big date! Get ready as our speakers are ready to deliver information that has impacted their life and will truly have a positive effect on yours!